30TPH Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Treatment

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CK-RO-30T Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

1. Design Basis 

n  Raw water source : well/groundwater

n  Raw water analysis report : unconfirmed

n  RO system rated flux : 30 m3/h

n  RO system recovery : 50-65%

n  Salt rejection : 96%-99%

n  RO working voltage : 220V/380V/50Hz

n  RO system power : 5.1KW

n  Water feeding pressure : 0.15-0.25Mpa

2. Flow Chart Of RO Water Treatment Machine

3. System Configuration

u  Raw water supply pump: To use CNP.

u  High-pressure pump: To use CNP. 

u  Reverse Osmosis Membrane: To use VONTRON, China

u  Pretreatment device: To use FRP tank with automatic valve.

u  Conduit: To use SS304.

u  Electric standard configuration: PC automatically control

u  Electrical components: To use Zhengtai’s and Schneider’s products.

u  Frame: To use stainless steel.

4. Brief Introduction to the Equipment






Raw water tank

The first equipment of the system for the   original water tank, built-in stainless steel float valve and imported water   level sensor to maintain the water tank normal water level. The equipment to   prevent the water supply instability and affect the normal operation of the   system, while avoiding the direct extraction of pipe water caused by the flow   and pressure instability

201/304 stainless steel or PE material


Raw water pump

In order to ensure the system of water   flow and pressure rating and set

304 stainless steel


Quartz sand

The equipment is mainly used to filter   the solid matter in water, the filter medium is generally used quartz sand.   With high strength, long life and stability of water quality and other   characteristics. Is a reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, ion exchange   indispensable pretreatment equipment

304 Stainless steel;FRP; A3 carbon steel   material to do anti-corrosion treatment, epoxy or lined with rubber treatment


Active carbon filter

Activated carbon is widely used in   industrial water treatment equipment, its main role for purification,   dechlorination, to smelly. As the specific surface area of activated carbon   is large, its surface is full of the average of 20-30 Å of the pores, so   activated carbon has a high adsorption capacity. In addition, the activated   carbon on the surface of a large number of hydroxyl and carboxyl and other   functional groups, can be a variety of properties of organic matter   adsorption, and electrostatic attraction, therefore, activated carbon can   also remove harmful humic acid, rich acid, wood yellow Acid and other organic   matter. Usually able to remove 60% -80% of the colloidal material; 47% -60%   of the organic matter

304 Stainless steel;FRP; A3 carbon steel   material to do anti-corrosion treatment, epoxy or lined with rubber treatment


Water soften filter

Ion exchange softening device is the most   commonly used in water treatment equipment, its role is to remove the   formation of scale water in hard water calcium and magnesium ions. In many   cases, the use of softened water equipment can remove soluble ions (iron   ions). Standard soft water equipment has four main parts: resin column,   resin, salt device, valve controller

304 Stainless steel;FRP; A3 carbon steel   material to do anti-corrosion treatment, epoxy or lined with rubber treatment


Security filter

The main purpose of this equipment is to   carry out the third stage of filtration of the reverse osmosis system with   the aim of reducing or eliminating the last protective effect of the filter   particles leaking from the pretreatment equipment to ensure that the final   entry into the reverse osmosis system meets the requirements

304 stainless steel


High pressure

In order to ensure the system of water   flow and pressure rating and set

304 stainless steel


RO system

The reverse osmosis system in the system   adopts the polyamide composite membrane element (TFC membrane) produced by   the most advanced American Dow Chemical Company as the main component, the   desalination rate of single membrane is ≥99.5%, the system desalination rate   is 96-98% , And can effectively remove the suspended particles in the water,   organic silica gel, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, pyrogen and other   impurities


Pre-treatment is included sand filter ,carbon filter   ,water softener(optional) and security filter

5. Feed Water(Source Water)

River Water, well water, Tap water, Underground water, Seawater, Lake water etc.


 6. Introduction

The company’s CK-RO series reverse osmosis device for electronics, electroplating, power plants, pharmaceutical,petroleum, chemical, food and beverage and printing fields to provide high quality water, reverse osmosis pure water technology is the most advanced, the most economic and the most effective system in water treatment industry, which is a process to push high-content salt water reverse into lower salt water by press water into ro membrane. By this, most hazardous substances, heavy metal, soluble solid are wiped off. Then only water molecules can go through the membrane to be pure water.

5. Consumables Replacement Cycle



Replacement cycle


Pure water   silica sand



Pure water   activated carbon



Pp cartridge   filter



RO membrane



Source water conditions

Raw water quality: groundwater, tap water, river water, special water   quality conditions need to be based on water quality report design

Water production: 30 T / hour; water quality ≤ 10us / cm; (raw water: ≤   300us/cm

Quality of water: World Health Organization standards for drinking   water reached; the RO membrane salt rejection of 99% or more

External conditions

Power requirements: 380V / 220V; 50Hz; special circumstances can be   produced according to customer requirements

Venue requirements: indoor installation, temperature 5-45 ℃.

6. Technical training

1.Supplier provides technical training for free; we are responsible to provide site training for personnel of buyer, until they are of good operation skills.

   2. Supplier provides training for maintenance people; if the training carries out at the supplier’s site, the buyer is responsible for their travel expense.

   3. Training content:

Ø  Basic theoretical knowledge of reverse osmosis

Ø  Equipment structure

Ø  Membrane cleaning

Ø  Installation, debugging, operation

Ø  Maintenance, repair

7. Quality Assurance And Service

1. Our Company is responsible for allocating professional engineers to the site for installation and debugging, conducting comprehensive technical training, explaining detail of technical drawings, working principles, techniques flow chart, operation manuals etc. After the training, the operators can fully understand the techniques of the whole system. They can find general fault of the system and do maintenance.

3. After accepted by the buyer, the equipment enjoys 12 months’ quality warranty for free. If the equipment fails to work within 12 months, we will be responsible for free repair. The supplier provides long-term after-sale service, free technical and training services.